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Zombie Shooter

Zombie Shooter - Free Download and Reviews
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Zombie Shooter Game - Free Download

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Zombie Shooter Game Description and Download:

Editor Recommendations:
Zombie Shooter

Zombie Shooter Game is another great shooter game from the makers of Alien Shooter. It's the usual shooter fun with Zombie Shooter. Armour, weapons and Upgrades. So if you are an Alien Shooter addict, but want a change of scenery, Give Zombie Shooter a try.

Take part in the great battle to rescue humanity!

Zombies have filled the secret research base and the dreadful contagion is about to spread across the earth! Can you save humanity in time?

  • Fight Through Contaminated Hordes!
  • Improve Your Character's Skills!
  • 10 Different Weapons At Your Disposal!
  • Three Amazing Game Modes!
Game Description:
Zombie Shooter

Where is the line between life and death, only the Zombie knows? But your'll find out in Zombie Shooter.

How far will scientists go to try and understand the mystery of death? Well--in Zombie Shooter, the scientiest have gone a bit overboard.

The human race is in danger again. This time, scientists could not stop the imminent threat and ended up becoming monsters themselves! In Zombie Shooter the aliens are us!

Zombie Shooter is your worst nightmare. Crowds of zombies fill the secret research base and the dreadful contagion is about to spread across the earth.

It's the last chance to save the earth from total annihilation and you can sign up as a Zombie Shooter to meet the challenge!

Take part in the great battle to rescue humanity in Zombie Shooter!

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Zombie Shooter - Free Download and Reviews
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Zombie Shooter Game for PC

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PixelParadox Games Zombie Shooter Game. Free Download Zombie Shooter

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