Digital retouching of photographs with Photoshop - samples from Pixel Paradox

The following "before-and-after" pictures are examples of photoshop retouching done by Pixel Paradox. We have been using Photoshop extensively since 1995.

The original low resolution untouched pictures on this page were downloaded from the internet, and are used by us to illustrate Photoshop retouching techniques to prospective clients such as you, for instructional purposes only. The last two samples are colorised restorations of images scanned from magazines.

High quality photo retouching is not just a matter of knowing what to do. One must apply an artist's eye to the process. We won the $500 Telstra logo design contest for their fitness awareness program, and created graphics for numerous training products developed for the US Army and Air Force, as well as several large scale IT training projects in Australia, Asia, and New Zealand.   Makers of The History Channel documentary "Secret Passages" selected some of our photographs of Egyptian tomb scenes for inclusion in the series.   The Smithsonian's Air & Space Magazine selected our image of an F-14 Tomcat fighter jet to illustrate an article about the F-14 in popular culture. We have retouched and colorized images of the American Presidents for a product line launch by the National Collectors Mint in New York.   We have photographed in locales around the world to produce over 30 commercial Collections for Pixel Paradox Games and Collections - most recently the Egyptian Museum in Cairo - photographed with the express written permission of the director of the museum.

Our rate is $35 per hour - minimum charge $15. Free Quote.

Click any "before" thumbnail image below to see the larger "before-and-after" pictures.

Sample 1 Tasks: Slightly sharpen image, Remove blemishes, Smooth skin, Enhance eyes, Color correct orange tone.
Photoshop CS3 tools: Portrait filter to smooth skin, Unsharp mask to sharpen image by 35%, Clone Stamp to remove blemishes, Shadow/Highlight adjustment to eyes, Smart Blur to improve smile creases in cheeks, Increase contrast slightly.
Work Time: 30 minutes.
Sample 2 Task: Improve skin tone, remove blemishes, change background color to sky blue.
Photoshop CS3 tools: Portrait filter to smooth skin and reduce blemishes, Clone Stamp to remove spot blemishes, Smart Blur to remove cheek and upper back blemishes, Deep-ectched the woman's image with Extract tool to change the background color.
Work Time: 38 minutes
Sample 3 Task: Color correction, exposure correction, enhance eyes.
Photoshop CS3 tools: Autolevels, Auto Color, Pictocolor iCorrect Portrait filter, Blur Brush (darken mode) for small area of lower eyelids.
Work Time: 10 minutes
Sample 4 Task: Correct backlight facial shadows, color correction, exposure correction, enhance eyes, enhance lips, enhance hair definition.
Photoshop CS3 tools: Correction filter to correct color, adjust levels, adjust red hue and saturation on lips, Imagenomic Protraiture filter to smooth skin, duplicate layers to enhance hair definition.
Work Time: 25 minutes
Sample 5 Task: Enhance skin tone and reduce freckles.
Photoshop CS3 tools: Portrait filter to smooth skin and reduce blemishes, Autolevels
Work Time: 1 minute
Sample 6 Task: Restore and colorize badly damaged image of mother and child.
Photoshop CS3 tools: Manual color painting and hue adjustments on a color layer, Autolevels, blemish removal with Retouch Pilot, Smear Brush, Clone Stamp.
Work Time: 4 hours
Sample 7 Task: Restore and colorize badly damaged image of Billy the Kid.
Photoshop CS3 tools: Manual color painting and hue adjustments on a color layer, blemish removal with Smear Brush, and many more steps too numerous to list.
Work Time: 6 hours
Sample 8 Task: Colorize a black and white image from a magazine.
Photoshop CS3 tools: Manual color painting and hue adjustments on a color layer.
Work Time: 3 hours

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