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WW2 Pacific Heroes a flying ace dogfight game

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WW2 Pacific Heroes Game

Game Downloads:
WW2 Pacific Heroes
WW2 Pacific Heroes Game - Free Download


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WW2 Pacific Heroes Games:

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WW2 Pacific Heroes

Buy WW2 Pacific Heroes PC Windows Game nowDownload the Free Trial WW2 Pacific Heroes PC Windows Game

WW2 Pacific Heroes Game is the flying ace dogfight game that everyone wanted on their PC, but couldn't seem to find. Others tried, but before WW2 Pacific Heroes dogfight and flying gamers felt a little let down. WW2 Pacific Heroes will not disappoint!

Defend the Islands of the Pacific... in 3D!

Destroy enemy planes, ships and aircraft carriers in this high-end, console-like action game!

  • Take off from massive aircraft carriers.
  • Man anti-aircraft artillery.
  • 20 pulse-pounding missions.
  • Spectacular scenery.
Game Description:
WW2 Pacific Heroes

WW2 Pacific Heroes runs on your home PC, and it lives up to expectations. In fact, WW2 Pacific Heroes draws in gamers who thought they weren't really interested in this type of game. WW2 Pacific Heroes wiil satisfy the TOP GUN urge in your household.

WW2 Pacific Heroes lets you take off from massive aircraft carriers to shoot down enemy fighters and torpedo Japanese war ships.

Not all WWII Pacific heores were pilots, so you can also man anti-aircraft artillery defending against enemy raids.

WW2 Pacific Heroes is a high-end, console-like game. WW2 Pacific Heroes features 20 pulse-pounding missions and spectacular 3D scenery!

Very intuitive to play and easy to learn, WW2 Pacific Heroes will fulfil the dream fantasies of anyone who wants to fly like a Top Gun.

Destroy enemy planes, ships and aircraft carriers in the high-end, console-like action game, WW2 Pacific Heroes! Download WW2 Pacific Heroes Game today!

System Requirements:
WW2 Pacific Heroes

OS: Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Me
Memory: 128MB
DirectX: 9.0 Display: 3D Card 32MB
CPU: 800Mhz

Screenshots for
WW2 Pacific Heroes

WW2 Pacific Heroes game screenshot 1 WW2 Pacific Heroes game screenshot 2
WW2 Pacific Heroes game screenshot 3 WW2 Pacific Heroes game screenshot 4

Click to see screenshots for
WW2 Pacific Heroes Game

User Comments for WW2 Pacific Heroes for PC

User Reviews for WW2 Pacific Heroes

"Review of WW2 Pacific Heroes - I mean if anybody says the actual war is "fun", something is wrong with them. But this kind of war - WW2 Pacific Heroes - it is fun anytime. Wake me up at night and tell me: "How about kicking some enemies in WW2 Pacific Heroes?" - I will do that. They have no chance against me in this one, as long as the mouse is working. It's all about knowing how to handle the mouse = pure and simple. An hour, or was it 5 minutes? Shoot, the time had gone by so fast. Let me at it, let me at the full version. It's good. It's GOOOOD! Hey, "good" is not the word for it. The word for it is "BEST". Huh? You don't believe me? Go try WW2 Pacific Heroes then. Who's stopping you - Computer Fly Boy

"Review of WW2 Pacific Heroes - ww 2 pacific heroes - best "RAT-A-TAT-TAT" game of all time! perfect!i have been playing PC games since 1993 and this game "Pacific Heroes" is what i have been looking for in a flying/plane/shooter game! FINALLY I HAVE FOUND "THE" GAME!
thank you Reflexive and Oberon Media for letting me finally fly a cool airplane and shoot other planes outta the sky! i love this game....ENOUGH SAID! anyone reading this should download this game asap and have a "blast"!
[psst...make sure you set your mouse sensitivity correctly]
rat-a-tat-tat rat-a-tat-tat rat-a-tat-tat etc!!!!!
- Ratatat tattoo

"Review of WW2 Pacific Heroes - WW2 Pacific Heroes - We want MORE!!! I was lucky to try WW2 Pacific Heroes at my friends place because in Bosnia and Herzegovina we still can not purchase games online. WW2 Pacific Heroes evokes memories of old games such as Wings of Fury, remade in 3D, but with it's gameplay kept at high level. I'll just say that WW2 Pacific Heroes is one of those which have this certain "it" inside. It's relaxing, with simple controls(not of those realistic games where you have to use every part of your body, and after playing for some time, you got really tired and of course "highly addictive". I recommend WW2 Pacific Heroes to everyone who like dogfights of classic World War II planes. And in the end, one question for developers of this great game: "When can we expect the sequel to WW2 Pacific Heroes"? Until next mission: Officers are on stand by!!!"- Dogfight Ace

"Review of WW2 Pacific Heroes - Aussi Review of WW2 Pacific Heroes - Not my cup of tea? Or is it? I am not usually a fan of shoot 'em ups and when I was first introduced to WW2 Pacific Heroes I thought it was going to be rubbish. I was pleasently suprised and I really did enjoy playing the game. In WW2 Pacific Heroes you do not have to be an expert pilot to fly which helps because whilst playing the game you would rather be shooting some enemies rather than making sure the wings are at the correct angle. I would recommend WW2 Pacific Heroes to anyone even those who would not class themselves as shoot 'em up lovers because it is a great game." - Accidental Pilot

"Review of WW2 Pacific Heroes - WW2 Pacific Heroes - This game is a game that has more than one vehicle and weapons to use in different missions. WW2 Pacific Heroes is packed with action and I can say that this is worth it's money. If you like planes or battles to do with world wars or any other wars WW2 Pacific Heroes is the game for you." - Top Gun Gamer

"Review of WW2 Pacific Heroes - When I first downloaded WW2 Pacific Heroes, I thought it was going to be like the other small WWII games out there. So I wasn't expecting much when I downloaded it. When I was playing WW2 Pacific Heroes though, I was quite suprised! within a minute I allready knew how everything worked, VERY simple to learn! I loved everything about WW2 Pacific Heroes, it was easy to play, learn, and the main thing, easy to kill everything in the begining! Of course later on in the missions it got harder and harder! Which was good! I loved the gameplay, the sounds, and the graphics of WW2 Pacific Heroes! 5 out of 5 Stars!" - WW2 Addict

"Review of WW2 Pacific Heroes - WW2 Pacific Heroes is the game to fly! Thats exactly what you are doing. I have played a lot of flying shoot em ups but none like WW2 Pacific Heroes. WW2 Pacific Heroes gets your undivided attention. You just cant fly and shoot. You are in the aircraft. Its as if you were really flying In WW2 Pacific Heroes you fly with precision, speed, agility, and if not with with accuracy you are down and out. You cant beat WW2 Pacific Heroes for fun and realism. I do agree with one writer, when is the sequel?" - WW2 Fly Boy

User Tips for WW2 Pacific Heroes

Currently there are no User Tips for WW2 Pacific Heroes.


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