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Wonderland Secret Worlds a puzzle game

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Wonderland Secret Worlds Game

Game Downloads:
Wonderland Secret Worlds
Wonderland Secret Worlds Game - Free Download


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Wonderland Games:


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Wonderland Secret Worlds

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Editor Recommendations:
Wonderland Secret Worlds

Buy Wonderland Secret Worlds PC Windows Game nowDownload the Free Trial Wonderland Secret Worlds PC Windows Game

Wonderland Secret Worlds Game is jam packed with puzzles and adventures. If you don't believe me, have a look at the list of the puzzle titles in the review section. Thanks to KENETIC Gamer for sending that one in. Makes you want to join the fun and try it. As always Wonderland Games are great for the family computer. Everyone likes them! Dowloand Wonderland Secret Worlds and give it a try.

An exciting 3D puzzle adventure!

Clever puzzles and lots of fun! Return to the magical world of Wonderland in this exciting 3D puzzle adventure.

  • Exciting 3D Puzzle Adventure
  • Control Up To 4 Heroes
  • Over 150 Levels
  • Clever Puzzles And Lots Of Fun!
Game Description:
Wonderland Secret Worlds

Prepare to go on a magical journey through the world of Wonderland in Wonderland Secret Worlds!

Wonderland Secret Worlds gameplay lets you control the four heroes - Stinky, Loof, Qookie, and Peegue in their adventures.

Wonderland Secret Worlds has over one hundred levels, filled with cleverly designed puzzles, new discoveries, hidden secrets, and much, much more.

All three Wonderland Games are designed to be just plain fun. Accept the challenges of Wonderland Secret Worlds and enjoy the work of the inventive minds that have created a puzzle bonanza for you.

You and your whole family will enjoy Wonderland Secret Worlds. Start with this one or start at the beginning. You'll find Wonderland is your favorite place to get away from it all.

System Requirements:
Wonderland Secret Worlds

OS: Windows 98, Windows XP, Windows Me
Memory: 64MB
DirectX: 7.0 Display: 3D Video Card
CPU: Pentium 300

Screenshots for
Wonderland Secret Worlds

Wonderland Secret Worlds game screenshot 1 Wonderland Secret Worlds game screenshot 2
Wonderland Secret Worlds game screenshot 3 Wonderland Secret Worlds game screenshot 4

Click to see screenshots for
Wonderland Secret Worlds Game

User Comments for Wonderland Secret Worlds for PC

User Reviews for Wonderland Secret Worlds

"Wonderland Secret Worlds Review- I love it. It is great. It is fun, but surprise!! you can improve your IQ with Wonderland Secret Worlds. Bought it."- Wonderland Wowser

"Review Wonderland Secret Worlds - This thing's got more twists and turns than a snake in a blender. This is a really fun and challenging game - and, of course, addictive. It's all keyboard driven (arrow keys, enter, etc.), which I prefer for this kind of game. If you get stuck in a maze, there's online "cheats" to help you out. Here's the menu from the "cheats" site, which will give you a clue about the kinds of mazes and tasks you'll be facing in Wonderland Secret Worlds:
Stinky's Cove and the Windy Hills
Welcome Back, Stinky - Chompers in the Woods - Playing with Fire - At the Shore - Island Hopping - Stinky and Loof, Together Again - Through the Hills - Temple Ruins - The Amphitheatre - Across the Lake - Stormy Weather
One-Way Streets - Flower St. - Mushroom Grove - Meet the Mayor, Save the Mayor - Living on Borrowed Time - Wonderland Canals - Two for Two - The Abandonded Warehouse - The Old Windmill
The Plains
Somewhere on the edge of Wondertown... - Team Work - Ocean View Harbour - The River Delta - The Lost Cave
Creepy Keep
Finding a Way Out and a Way In - The Way Out - Watch Your Step - Crossing the Drawbridge - Lookout Tower
The Foggy Mountains
At Crystal Lake - The Lost Wonderland Mine - Entrance to the Caves - Alien Resort - Foggy Peak - Kaboom! Cave - The Road is Blocked - Cannon Cave - The Ice Cave
Fire Island
Free the Key - Fire Island Fort - Fire Island Bowl - The Peninsula - Free Peegue
The Volcano
Don't Lava Me Behind - Toxic Mirage - The Artifact - All Alone -
Loof and the Troll - Z-Bot Lair - Together Again - Heart of Fire -
Secret Cave
Forever Forest
Dangerous Encounter - Chompers - Secrets
The Wasteland
Wasteland - The Enemy - The Oasis - The Shack - Spirits of the Desert Wind - The Mineshaft - The Washout
The Void
Welcome to the Void - Electrifying - Sequences - The Treadmill -
Trapped in a Vortex - Explosions - Transporting - Escape from the Void
Cloud City
Magic of the Rainbow - Hidden Safety - City Square - Neighbourhood Watch
Stinker Rescue
Stinker Rescue
" - KENETIC Gamer

"Review of Wonderland Secret Worlds - Delightful graphics, music, and sound, with engaging gameplay and a wealth of levels. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed. " - Gaming Girl

"Wonderland Secret Worlds Review- HELP! I'm on a people mover and I can't get off! What a great game this is! Hours of entertainment with our 4 heroes. Well done. " - Wonderland Fan


User Tips for Wonderland Secret Worlds

Currently there are no User Tips for Wonderland Secret Worlds.


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