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Turtle Odyssey a click action game

Turtle Odyssey - Free Download and Reviews
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Turtle Odyssey Game

Game Downloads:
Turtle Odyssey
Turtle Odyssey Game - Free Download


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Turtle Odyssey Games:

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Turtle Odyssey

Buy Turtle Odyssey PC Windows Game nowDownload the Free Trial Turtle Odyssey PC Windows Game

Turtle Odyssey Game is a click action game. The little turtle Ozzy will capture your heart. Turtle Odyssey is a retro clicker with levels. Turtle Odyssey will make you and your kids laugh and giggle as it races along. Get Turtle Odyssey for your home computer.

Help a brave turtle get his shell back!

Get involved in a new arcade game that will take you on a fantastic underwater journey in search of stolen talismans!

  • Intense, Heart Pounding Action
  • Thought Provoking Puzzles
  • Over 120 Levels
  • Highly Original Game Play
Game Description:
Turtle Odyssey

Help a brave turtle get his shell back in Turtle Odyssey!

Turtle Odyssey is a new arcade game that will take you on a fantastic underwater journey in search of stolen talismans!

Get involved in a totally new adventure epic of Good versus Evil in Turtle Odyssey

Turtle Odyssey will take you on a treasure-hunting journey into a mysterious underwater world.

Turtle Odyssey comes to life as Ozzy, a brave turtle, has been chosen to find thieves and bring back stolen talismans.

Help Ozzy vercome evil forces and become the savior of the underwater kingdom, start Turtle Odyssey, now!

Turtle Odyssey has intense, heart pounding action.

There are thought provoking puzzles in Turtle Odyssey.

Play over 120 levels in Turtle Odyssey.

Turtle Odyssey - highly original game play!

Download Turtle Odyssey for family fun!

System Requirements:
Turtle Odyssey

OS: Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Me, Windows NT
Memory: 64MB
DirectX: 8
CPU: P2 450

Screenshots for
Turtle Odyssey

Turtle Odyssey game screenshot 1 Turtle Odyssey game screenshot 2
Turtle Odyssey game screenshot 3 Turtle Odyssey game screenshot 4

Click to see screenshots for
Turtle Odyssey Game

User Comments for Turtle Odyssey for PC

User Reviews for Turtle Odyssey

"Turtle Odyssey Review - Turtle Odyssey is so awesome and cute. In order to beat the level you have to find all the red diamonds. I like how there are many secrets in some of the levels of Turtle Odyssey. Be sure to keep your oxygen level in good standing because if you run out of oxygen, you will die. Turtle Odysseyis even good enough for young kids to play."- Gaming Mom

"Turtle Odyssey Review - I love games like Turtle Odyssey and the new Kenny's Adventures in that they seem to emerge you almost completely into their realm, into a cartoon world that is really quite well done. While I also really like games that are more strategy, speed, and agility-minded (with the mouse buttons, that is), Turtle Odyssey is more like wonderful mind candy that takes you away for a few moments." - DreamGirl

"Turtle Odyssey Review - Super Turtle! Very reminicent of SUPER MARIO but an absolute joy to play. I realy recomendTurtle Odyssey if you like levels and treasure hunting. ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!!" - Pirate Pete

"Turtle Odyssey Review - Outstanding !!! - I downloaded Turtle Odyssey long time ago. but for some reason didnt install it as I was busy with other games. A couple of days ago I installed it and the moment I start playing Turtle Odyssey I couldnt stop. I just had to buy this game. reminds me of old school super nintendo games. I just love Turtle Odyssey. Highly recommend Turtle Odyssey. Just give the demo/trial a go." - Nastalgo

"Turtle Odyssey Review - Little Ozzy is my hero. My kids will sit down and play Turtle Odyssey, and laugh and giggle while I vacuum. I play Turtle Odyssey after tucking them in bed. Turtle Odyssey has brought a lot of laughter into our house." - ClickinHousewife

User Tips for Turtle Odyssey

Currently there are no User Tips for Turtle Odyssey.


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