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Tumblebugs 2 a sequel ball shooter game

Tumblebugs 2 - Free Download and Reviews
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Tumblebugs 2 Game

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Tumblebugs 2
Tumblebugs 2 Game - Free Download


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Tumblebugs 2

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Tumblebugs 2 Game is the sequel to Tumblebugs. Tumblebugs 2 is a ball shooter game with a really cute storyline. The backyard bugs are fighting it out. The Black Bug is the villain and Tumble is the Heroine. Tumblebugs 2 has some new things, but most of all it is visually better and has lowered the difficulty level somewhat to let lesser skilled players win a bit more. Tumblebugs 2 is a classic upgrade, with the advantage that if the first one frustrated you because you were a little slow with the mouse (you know who you are), you might find this one more satisfying. Give Tumbebugs 2 a try on your home PC.

The backyard battle to save your beetle buddies continues!

The black bugs are back... meaner, faster and nastier! Once again it's Tumble to the rescue... but this time she's got back-up!

  • New Friends To Help Tumble!
  • 90 Levels With 30 Unique Backgrounds!
  • 11 Exciting Power-Ups!
  • Play Adventure, Puzzle, Sprite Or Frenzy Mode!
Game Description:
Tumblebugs 2

The black bugs are back in Tumblebugs 2. They are meaner, faster and nastier!

In Tumblebugs 2 the black bugs have crashed the garden party and once again it's Tumble to the rescue... but this time she's got back-up!

In the new Tumblebugs 2 Gameplay, you can dall on your frog, butterfly and rhino beetle friends to help you battle your way through 90 stunning all-new levels and save your beetle buddies!

Tumblebugs 2 hasnNew graphics and a powerful new game engine to smooth out the gameplay.

There are 30 gorgeous backyard scenes in Tumblebugs 2.

The Tumblebugs 2 gameplay modes include Endless and the unlockable Rescue mode, which has shorter levels.

The big mystery for Tumblebugs 2 is who is behind this black bug invasion? Whatever became of the Black Bug King from Tumblebugs?

All will be revealed right here in Tumblebugs2, the long awaited sequel to the bestselling Tumblebugs!

System Requirements:
Tumblebugs 2

OS: Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Me, Windows Vista
Memory: 256 MB
CPU: P 1.0GHz

Screenshots for
Tumblebugs 2

Tumblebugs 2 game screenshot 1 Tumblebugs 2 game screenshot 2
Tumblebugs 2 game screenshot 3 Tumblebugs 2 game screenshot 4

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Tumblebugs 2 Game

User Comments for Tumblebugs 2 for PC

User Reviews for Tumblebugs 2

Tumblebugs 2 Review - "Tumblebugs 2: First time Charming, this time Rocks ! About a year ago when I tried the first release of Tumblebugs, I found it more fun than Zuma, with better graphics than Luxor. I do love the style of nature that you play with - colorful cute bugs. It's like a warm breeze during the first levels but really challenging in the last few levels. Still, the former one was not perfect. Sometimes it was really hard to get through the levels, But this time Tumble has "backup". In Tumblebugs 2, you can call on her beautiful and powerful friends to help you. Also, you can earn more thrilling powerups and collect golden rings for earning big scores and extra lives to enhance your fun. There are 3 different modes for variety. The last few levels in Tumblebugs 2 are more difficult than Tumblebugs, but by making use of the powerups and help of the cute friends wisely, you can finally make it. It's not like in the first one that some levels almost impossible to get through. I loved Tumblebugs2 and I give it 10 stars out of 5! Try this one, and enjoy!" - Gaming Gal

Tumblebugs 2 Review -"Tumble is Back! What a Cutie -- Tumblebugs 2 is almost the same as Tumblebugs, but it still is a great place to go and a great game to play. There are some new things. You can get extra lives by collecting the letters E-X-T-R-A on some levels. Frenzy rounds have gold rings to collect for bonus points. There are a few of the bonus rounds, another one tests how many colored balls you can remove in a short time. There are 90 levels and 30 cute backyard scenes. You can keep playing for a long time, travel through gardens and lily ponds, across sandy and grassy spots, over newspapers and bridges, and near drainpipes, patio stones, fences and grills. All in all Tumblebugs 2 is worth buying. It is much the same, but different. It's a nice upgrade." - AussieRoo

Tumblebugs 2 Review - "Tumblebugs 2 At Last - While you might expect a totally new game, with Tumblebugs 2 what you get is a totally IMPROVED game with a few new things. Tumblebugs 2's graphics are gorgeous, and much more smooth than most other games. I must say 'nice job, art designer!' The sound is also a perfect for me. As I always get bored by game-sounds easily, this game is a twist. I'm enjoying the music and sound effects! Worth buying it again to upgrade a wonderful game." - TumbleTot

Tumblebugs 2 Review - " Wow, Tumblebugs 2 is a Great Ball Shooter Game. I never played Tumblebugs, but heard the legend! Now here is a new version with lots of neat stuff. Like all the others, Zuma, Luxor 3, and Luxor Amun Rising, the excitement is in the chase and shoot of the line of balls that just keep rolling toward the drainhole. In Tumblebugs 2 you can get a little help with "wildcard" balls so you don't have to exactly match the color of your target. Also there are cute little bug friends who appear on the levels to give you help, like the frog that - when you shoot a ball at him - will stick his tongue out and eat some colored balls for you, or the butterfly that will change the colors of the balls next to the target. And the best thing about Tumblebugs 2 is--you know how annoying it is when the line of balls gets in your way when you are shooting-- the "gap" bug that will clear a space in the line so you can get at the balls behind it. I like ball shooters and am glad this one came around again. Now I can enjoy the latest and greatest Tumblebugs 2." - Ball Shooter Bill

Tumblebugs 2 Review - " Tumblebugs 2 is Terrific - But so was Tumblebugs! --Tumblebugs 2 is a decent sequel that is enjoyable and attractive, but don't expect to be blown away by something new or too different. There are new aspects, and some say it iis easier to play (which is a good thing, as I found the Tumblebugs really hard for my arthritic hands). Tumblebugs 2 is "more of the same" great fun. If you fell in love with brave little Tumble, like it did, go back to the Garden in Tumblebugs 2" - Granny Gamer


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