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Super Granny 3 a platform game with Supper Granny

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Super Granny 3 Game

Game Downloads:
Super Granny 3
Super Granny 3 Game - Free Download


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Super Granny 3

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Super Granny 3

Buy Super Granny 3 PC Windows Game nowDownload the Free Trial Super Granny 3 PC Windows Game

Super Granny 3 Game is the sequel to Super Granny in Paradise. Super Granny 3 is a platform arcade game for your PC and is suitable for families.

Help Granny rescue her kitties in this exciting, all-new adventure!

Welcome to Super Granny 3! Help Granny navigate an exotic theme park and rescue her precious kitties in this exciting, all-new adventure!

  • More Than 200 Super Levels!
  • 5 Unique Theme Park Areas!
  • 7 New And Challenging Enemies!
  • All-New Shop Of Upgrades!
Game Description:
Super Granny 3

Super Granny is off on an all-new adventure! Super Granny3 once again takes Granny on a vacation. After her troubled tropical trip, Granny in Paradise, Super Granny is dropped into a run-down European theme park.--- Who is her travel agent?!

In Super Granny 3 she must rescue her arch-nemesis, the evil Dr. Meow, from the clutches of his even-more dastardly master, Mr. Fang. And, of course, Super Granny must rescue her kittens!

There are great new villians in Super Granny 3-- like vicious Pink Poodles-- and Super Granny has a mega cool frying pan that fries her enemies like eggs.

Super Granny 3 is full of the funny comments that made Super Granny famous. Also, there is a Super Granny tutorial, so that you can get up to speed, even if you have never played any of the Super Granny series before.

In Super Granny 3, Granny is helped by over 30 all-new interactive items. Granny runs, digs, climbs and floats through 5 new worlds with over 200 levels of puzzle-solving, item-tossing, hilariously addictive fun!

Super Granny 3 is good for the whole family and the graphics and sound effects, just keep getting better!

All-in-all, Super Granny 3 is a good value buy for the family home computer and a clever relaxing pick-me-up for the casual game player.

Download the free trial of Super Granny 3, and help Super Granny saver her kittens!

System Requirements:
Super Granny 3

OS: Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Me
Memory: 64 MB
DirectX: 7 or above
CPU: P400 Internet: Active Internet Connection

Screenshots for
Super Granny 3

Super Granny 3 game screenshot 1 Super Granny 3 game screenshot 2
Super Granny 3 game screenshot 3 Super Granny 3 game screenshot 4

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Super Granny 3 Game

User Comments for Super Granny 3 for PC

User Reviews for Super Granny 3

Review for Super Granny 3: "In Super Granny 3, Granny has a bunch of new tricks up her sleeve but you still have to help granny rescue her kitties while she plants flower and vines. The graphics are excellent and granny's comments are just as nutty as ever. Sometimes it was hard to concentrate because I was giggling so hard at what she says. Another great Granny vacation."- Granny Gamer

Review for Super Granny 3: "I haven't played a Super Granny game before, but I downloaded Super Granny 3. What a hoot!--am I showing my age?--There is a good tutorial so that I could get into the Super Granny game play quickly. It was easy and very entertaining. I have been playing non-stop and am now a Granny fan. I love this game!" - match3mom

Review for Super Granny 3: "Super Granny 3 is a platform game where you are Super Granny trying to save the kittiens and plant as many flowers as you can. Sounds simple enough, but toss in some angry dogs and it can become a challenge. Super Granny3 gameplay is simple -- arrow keys and spacebar to dig holes or perform other actions. The holes are used to trap dogs. You get powerups and other special items that Granny can use. There is a frying pan to smack the dogs that are chasing her, and an umbrella to float her on an airstream to a higher level, plus others.. Granny's smart comments keep you entertained and dogs bark and kittens meow. This game is fantastic AND funny." - Gaming Boy

Review for Super Granny 3: "Super Granny 3 -- Go Granny Go -- I love this game.
The graphics just keep getting better and better, and the original Granny in Paridise was pretty good! My granddaghter can't get enough of Super Granny3. And what comes out of Granny's mouth--it's hilarious. I love the new traps, turns and gizmos, too. Great game!"
- supergranny98

Review for Super Granny 3: "I LIKE THIS GAME, IS BETTER THAN SUPER GRANNY 2. I AM GOING TO BUY FOR MY FAMILY." - gamegizmometer


User Tips for Super Granny 3

Currently there are no User Tips for Super Granny 3.


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