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Sparkle a ball shooter quest game

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Sparkle Game

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Sparkle Game - Free Download


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Buy Sparkle PC Windows Game nowDownload the Free Trial Sparkle PC Windows Game

Sparkle Game is a Ball Shooter Game with a quest storyline. Ball Shooters, like Sparkle Game have their own excitement, and many people find other games less engaging, so they collect several of them, like Sparkle, Zuma, Luxor: Amun Rising and Inca Ball. Get Sparkle game if you have a ball shooter fan in your family. Try Sparkle for your PC.

Use your puzzle skills to free the Crowberry Woods from the shadow of Darkness!

Free the Crowberry Woods from the shadow of Darkness in this exciting action-puzzler! Master the orb slinger to reclaim this once vibrant forest!

  • Master The Orb Slinger!
  • Powerful Amulets To Collect!
  • 3 Stunning Game Modes!
  • Loads Of Intriguing Levels!
Game Description:

Sparkle PC Game let's you use your puzzle skills to free the Crowberry Woods from the shadow of Darkness. Sparkle Game is an exciting action-puzzler!

In Sparkle PC game play you use your Orb Slinger to shoot colored spheres into groups of three or more and reclaim every corner of this once vibrant forest.

Sparkle Game starts out darkly and begins to dazzle as you transfer sparkle magic to the sections of the forest.

In Sparkle you discover amazing amulets and glittering power-ups hidden along the shaded paths.

Sparkle Game features three game modes, glorious achievements and loads of intriguing levels,

Sparkle Game is fast, colorful, and full of addictive fun!

Sparkle is your game if you are a ball shooter addict.

Sparkle is a game with brilliant graphics, enjoy the sparkling explosions of Sparkle and see the forest sparkle again, too.

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Me, Windows Vista
Memory: 64 MB
DirectX: 5.0 or later
CPU: P500

Screenshots for

Sparkle game screenshot 1 Sparkle game screenshot 2
Sparkle game screenshot 3 Sparkle game screenshot 4

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Sparkle Game

User Comments for Sparkle for PC

User Reviews for Sparkle

Review Sparkle PC Game - " Sparkle PC Game Is a fun experience. I think Sparkle is a great example of a simple fun game with all the pieces in the right position. Sparkle also has a certain dark feel to it which makes it unique. Some of the sounds in Sparkle are a bit weird and the graphics are on the darker side. But that's all good! Sparkle PC Game is not your run of the mill stuff so it keeps things more interesting. Sparkle is a worthy follower of Zuma. If you enjoy this type of game you should enjoy Sparkle too. Sparkle has quite a lot to play and some hidden stuff to find."- shoot-em-up-sam

Review Sparkle PC Game - " Sparkle - Magically addictive. Sparkle game is really nice, the music and the graphics are so beautiful, Dowload the trial, I think you will want Sparkle on your 'buy' list." - Grinning Gamer

Review Sparkle PC Game - "Remember Zuma? Sparkle is just as fun! If Zuma is one of your favorite games (it was one of mine) then you will absolutely love Sparkle PC Game. When you play the adventure portion of Sparkle, you play levels that are along a path on a map. You come to Sparkle crossroads where you pick the direction. Along the way you win Sparkle amulets that give you different skills. There are hidden secrets sprinkled throughout Sparkle. I've played for over a month now and still haven't found all the secrets. I look forward to finding more of them. Sparkle has 3 game modes. The adventure portion (where once you finish it, it starts immediately over on the expert level), a race the clock portion and a survival mode. Sparkle is wonderful! The sound effects are crisp and exciting. Sparkle was well worth the money and is a game I keep returning to." - Desktop Game Collector

Review Sparkle PC Game - "Sparkle is a great game!!! I downloaded the Sparkle demo and become addicted. The graphics are great and you have more cool options than you do in Zuma or Luxor (any of them). Sparkle keeps you intrigued and wanting more! I highly recommend Sparkle and I very rarely find one that I like as much as I have enjoyed this game!" - Sparkle Fanatic

Review Sparkle PC Game - "Sparkle is another great ball shooter. Sparkle is a great, accurate ball-shooter game. Sound and music are awesome. Game play is quick and targeting is precise. Sparkle is a lot of fun to play and listen to. Sparkle is one of the few where I didn't turn the music OFF." - I LUV SHOOTER GAMES

User Tips for Sparkle

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