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Ozzy Bubbles is a non-violent platform game in the Turtle Oddessy series

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Ozzy Bubbles Game

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Ozzy Bubbles
Ozzy Bubbles Game - Free Download


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Ozzy Bubbles

Buy Ozzy Bubbles PC Windows Game nowDownload the Free Trial Ozzy Bubbles PC Windows Game

Ozzy Bubbles Game is the latest game in the Turtle Oddesy Series. Ozzy Bubbles is a platform game geared for children. Your kids will love Ozzy and so will you. If you are a Ozzy fan, then you know what I mean. If you are new to the Turtle Oddessy Series, give Ozzy Bubbles a try on your home pc.

Enjoy lively and spectacular arcade action in the underwater kingdom!

Ozzy Bubbles immerses you into a fantastic underwater atmosphere where you must fight and defeat monsters, bosses and many other creatures!

  • Classic Arcade Adventure!
  • 40 Spectacular Levels To Explore!
  • Defeat 12 Different Monsters!
  • 17 Thrilling Bonuses!
Game Description:
Ozzy Bubbles

Ozzy Bubbles is a fantasy adventure in an underwater kingdom.

In Ozzy Bubbles, your objective is to save the inhabitants from the creepy sea monsters.

Ozzy Bubbles has 12 types of monsters, 4 bosses, and 40 game levels.

Ozzy Bubbles is a classic platform game with 17 bonuses and powerups to make Ozzy's adventures thrilling and unforgettable.

Ozzy Bubbles has cheerful graphics, fantastic visual effects,and a cute soundtrack and music.

The Ozzy Bubbles gameplay is simple, but challenging.

You will love Ozzy and his Bubbles. Help him win through in Ozzy Bubbles.

Download Ozzy Bubbles Game today!

System Requirements:
Ozzy Bubbles

OS: Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows Vista
Memory: 32 MB
DirectX: 3.0 or later
CPU: P2 450

Screenshots for
Ozzy Bubbles

Ozzy Bubbles game screenshot 1 Ozzy Bubbles game screenshot 2
Ozzy Bubbles game screenshot 3 Ozzy Bubbles game screenshot 4

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Ozzy Bubbles Game

User Comments for Ozzy Bubbles for PC

User Reviews for Ozzy Bubbles

"Ozzy Bubbles Review - I have spent hours playing Turtle Odyssey 2 trying to beat my own scores -- but OZZY BUBBLES really kicks this little turtle's quest up a notch! At first Ozzy Bubbles looks pretty simple and the power ups don't seem too necessary to Ozzy's quest, but as each level progresses Ozzy needs to pay attention to his path, the ladders in and out of the mazes, and which power ups can help him to another area of the maze! Don't let them expire before you figure out how to best use them! Ozzy Bubbles adds up to a more challenging gameplay for this little guy and you! I definitely recommend it as a buy! If you like the Snowy challenges and the other games of quest and treasure this one will be entertaining for many repeat performances! Great graphics that are as good as Turtle Odyssey 2. Ozzy Bubbles is fun with or without the sound effects, and no gratuitous violence, so young kids can also enjoy it."- Ozzy Fantastic

"Ozzy Bubbles Review - was very excited to see Ozzy return in Ozzy Bubbles, as I deeply loved Turtle Odyssey 2 and played it till the end. Well, what's different with this one? Ozzy gets a new weapon, bubbles! You can quickly figure out how to use them. The quality of the Ozzy Bubbles graphics and music is pretty much the same, which means a very good standard. Ozzy Bubbles is cute, in other words. The plot and the gameplay are simpler than Turtle Oddyssey. Very good for the younger audience. But still, Ozzy Bubbles would be good choice if you wish to relax during coffee break or what not. I do love the little turtle." - Granny Gamer

"Ozzy Bubbles Review - I really love Ozzy Bubbles and the whole Turtle Oddessy series, They are so much fun. I love to beat these monsters by jumping on them or launching bubbles. I also like gathering the treasures, there is no token I pass by. I want to know everything about the game too. You should really try it." - Jonathan

"Ozzy Bubbles Review - There are only a few side-scrolling platform game series left. Ozzy Bubbles is the latest in the Turtle Oddessy platform game series. Ozzy Bubbles is in keeping with the sweeter and more innocent traditions of casual games. Ozzy Bubbles stars a charming turtle that makes his way through four underwater environments, collecting coins, bumping off enemies and locating the keys that open the portal to the next level. Ozzy Bubbles is not a frantic impossible jumping running game. Ozzy Bubbles has been made with casual players in mind. There aren't any jumping puzzles or even a double-jump function; you just use the arrow keys for walking and jumping. Ozzy Bubbles is non-violent and great fun for kids and adults, too. Try this charming game and enjoy!" - Gaming Mom

"Ozzy Bubbles Review - Ozzy Bubbles is a quest without violence. Ozzy fights with oxygen bubbles instead of guns. The ocean is teeming with cranky crustaceans and fiendish fish, who are trying to stop Ozzy. Ozzy can capture them in bubbles and pop them away. Ozzy can also jump on some of his opponents without getting hurt, but not all of them. There are 12 enemies featuring a variety of attack behaviors -- octopi crawl along the ocean bottom and Bubble Fish shoot at Ozzy. To open the portal to the next level of Ozzy Bubbles, you collect keys from the bad guys. If you get lost looking for the last key or the exit, the Tab key brings up a map of the level laid out in square segments. When Ozzy reaches the edge of the display the screen switches to the next scene. Collect letters that spell out Ozzy's name and earn an extra life. And if you do well, you'll get to play a bonus stage, where you must gather as much falling treasure as possible before it disappears. Don't get trigger-happy, you'll run out of bubbles, and have to wait for Ozzy to recharge before you can launch more attacks. Ozzy's enemies have 17 bonuses to pass on, including one that supplies a full canister of oxygen and others that give more lives to Ozzy. Powerups allow Ozzy to run faster, jump higher and shoot quicker. Collect coins and other treasure for additional points. The sound effects are very satisfying, I love the "ka-thumps" and "ka-chings as I race across the heads of the bad guys. Ozzy Bubbles is lots of fun, you should try it!" - Gaming Together

User Tips for Ozzy Bubbles

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