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Mythic Pearls a ball shooter and quest game

Mythic Pearls - Free Download and Reviews
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Mythic Pearls Game

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Mythic Pearls
Mythic Pearls Game - Free Download


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Mythic Pearls

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Mythic Pearls Game is a ball shooter game with a mythic celtic quest. Mythic Pearls: The Legend of Tirnanog is a beautiful looking game. And for those of you who like ball shooters, but whose wrist is tired, Mythic Pearls has a relaxed mode. There are all kinds of power ups, so what's not to enjoy! Mythic Pearls should be on every ball shooters desktop, just to give your mouse arm a break. (In relaxed mode, you could even play Mythic Pearls with your other arm and still have all the fun.)

A soothing Celtic-themed puzzler that blends action and color-matching!

Go on a quest for legendary Celtic treasure in this soothing puzzler that blends action and color-matching! Go on a quest for Mythic Pearls!

  • Shoot The Stunning Mythic Pearls!
  • More Than 140 Gorgeous Levels!
  • Use The Hammer For The Perfect Match!
  • Play Regular Or Relaxed Mode!
Game Description:
Mythic Pearls

In Mythic Pearls, Tirnanog, the land of youth, awaits those with a quick mind and a fast wrist in a game that blends action and color-matching to create a supreme entertainment experience!

Go on a quest for legendary Celtic treasure in Mythic Pearls.

Mythic Pearls has more than 140 gorgeous levels! Choose your path and use the myriad of power-up bonuses at your disposal.

Mythic Pearls includes the mighty Hammer!

Mythic Pearls is the first game of its kind with a Relaxed Mode.

Mythic Pearls will dazzle and amaze you from start to finish!

System Requirements:
Mythic Pearls

OS: Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Me, Windows Vista
Memory: 64 MB
DirectX: 7.0 or later
CPU: P700

Screenshots for
Mythic Pearls

Mythic Pearls game screenshot 1 Mythic Pearls game screenshot 2
Mythic Pearls game screenshot 3 Mythic Pearls game screenshot 4

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Mythic Pearls Game

User Comments for Mythic Pearls for PC

User Reviews for Mythic Pearls

Mythic Pearls Review - "This game has the same sort of objective as Zuma, Tumble Bugs, or Luxor but it puts some small challenges into the game play to keep things interesting. It reminds me of mixing Magic Inlay in with some of Big Kahuna Reef, and the shoot three game Luxor3.

You have the hammer levels (inlay games use hammers a lot) that you get as you make more and more matches. The hammers allow you to break one, a few, or all of one color of pearl in your line. I usually save this for the very end. Kind of a finale to see your line disappear in great smashes! You have the chained pearls that require you to match them first to unchain them before you can actually remove them. It's easy to miss these, as they are moving at a steady pace. (Kahuna reef and a few other match three games use chains as an extra challenge to their puzzles).You have the coins to collect that appear in the middle of the game screen randomly. You have to shoot at them, and often the line of pearls moving by can obstruct your aim. (Luxor3 has vases that appear the same way in it's game).

I really loved the graphics. All of it was very appealing to my eyes and quite impressive. The backgrounds change with each level, and keeps thing fresh and exciting. The Celtic theme encourages the player that much more to relax.There is only one option "Relaxed Play" - so that says it all. You can turn off the hints (good to keep those annoying windows from popping up) and you can turn down the sounds, music, or both. All in all, I give this game 5 stars. If relaxing is what you want, this is the game to get. I'm off to buy this game." - Gaming for fun

Mythic Pearls Review - "Mythic Pearls is one of the best ball shooter type I have played so far. There are no big changes as far as I can see reguarding power ups. One to remove all the same colors of balls, lay a path of destruction in a straight line etc. You will get my point once played. The only big thing I have noticed is when the balls get close to the hole it gives you the options to lose a life and the balls will roll back or say no and chance it. If you are new to this type of game then check it out as I think Mythic Pearls is as good as it gets. Merry Christmas!" - Ball Shooting Bill

Mythic Pearls Review - "Mythic Pearls is a beautiful game i love games along this line - graphics and sound are awesome - great game. Mythic Pearls is a keeper." - Pink Princess

Mythic Pearls Review - " I am sure most of us have played Zuma before. By matching the color ball and go on an interesting quest.
I think this one is more fun than Zuma. Mythic Pearls is just an incredibly great game that no one should miss.
What a game designer - and what a good choice of game - download and installing are alway fast. Mythic Pearls,THE THE THE BESTTTTT!!!" - Sume Jo


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