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Mahjong Match a mahjong and inlay puzzle game

Mahjong Match - Free Download and Reviews
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Mahjong Match

Mahjong Match Game - Free Download

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Mahjong Match is a combination of mah jong play and an inlay-puzzle game. In Mahjong Match you must quickly pick tiles from a moving stream and match them to the mah jong playing board.

Mahjong Match is therefore familiar, yet entirely new, Mahjong Match Game will appeal to both lovers of Mahjong and inlay-style puzzles.

The tiles in Mahjong Match game play move across the screen on a conveyor belt below the majong playing board. Match these tiles to the ones on the board above and Mahjong Match gives you a perfectly harmonious union of two of the all time classic games.

Mahjong Match makes this more exciting and challenging by designating some of the tiles on the belt as power-up tiles that will be vital to your success. As you progress through the Mahjong Match Game, the images behind the board change in subtle ways, illustrating your path to victory!

If you like Mah Jong, give Mahjong Match Game a try.

Click to see screenshots from Mahjong Match Game

Mahjong Match game screenshot 1 Mahjong Match game screenshot 2 Mahjong Match game screenshot 3 Mahjong Match game screenshot 4

Reviews for Mahjong Match Game:

"Mahjong Match is the coolest mix of "matching" meets "majong" ever! I'm going to be playing this one for a long time." - mahjong-gamer56

"I've played alot of majong. I didn't believe anything new could be added to this game - but Mahjong Match adds a whole new dimension.That conveyor belt certainly keeps you on your toes! I keep going back to Mahjong Match and I recommend it to other mahjong players" - addicted to mahjong in Manchester

"Mahjong Match is a great game, but I admit I had a love/hate relationship with the conveyor belt for a while. I hated the conveyor belt - felt like I was always under a lot of pressure - then I got the hang of it and the challenge was a real trip. There wasn't much explanation for the different special tools, either, but I kept playing until I figured it out. Now Mahjong Match is my favorite." - sweetsallyanne

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