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Hide and Secret a hidden objects seek and find mystery game

Hide & Secret - Free Download and Reviews
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Hide & Secret Game

Game Downloads:
Hide & Secret
Hide & Secret Game - Free Download


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Hide & Secret

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Hide & Secret

Buy Hide & Secret PC Windows Game nowDownload the Free Trial Hide & Secret PC Windows Game

Hide & Secret Game is a hidden objects seek and find puzzle. Like Mysteryville, this is not Mystery Case Files, but Hide and Secret has a charm of it's own. Good for children and adults alike, therefore Hide and Secret is good value for the home computer.

Find items and follow the clues to rescue the Treasures of the Ages!

Find items and follow clues around the globe to rescue the Treasures of the Ages and defeat Jacques and his henchman Toadie!

  • Entertaining Characters And Story!
  • Hundreds Of Unique Items To Find!
  • 30 Beautifully Rendered Locations!
  • Travel Around The Globe!
Game Description:
Hide & Secret

In Hide & Secret, the villain Jacques and his henchman Toadie have stolen the Treasures of the Ages. The Hide & Secret villans want to harness their mystical powers and enact an evil plan to rule the world.

You role in Hide and Secret is to help Will Scout and Anna Lyze on their quest to defeat Jacques and rescue the treasures. Don't be startled, but the Hide and Secret characters talk to you!

The Hide and Secret Gameplay involves finding items in the Hide and Secret scenes, following clues and escaping Jacques' sinister traps to find his secret hidden base!

The Hide and Secret characters are entertaining and funny. Track their humorous Hide and Secret adventure through 30 locations across the globe to rescue the Treasures of the Ages!

Both children and adults will enjoy Hide and Secret.

Download Hide and Secret today!

System Requirements:
Hide & Secret

OS: Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Me, Windows Vista
Memory: 128 MB
DirectX: 7.0 or later
CPU: P3 800
Video: 32MB DirectX Compatible Video Card

Screenshots for
Hide & Secret

Hide & Secret game screenshot 1 Hide & Secret game screenshot 2
Hide & Secret game screenshot 3 Hide & Secret game screenshot 4

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Hide & Secret Game

User Comments for Hide & Secret for PC

User Reviews for Hide & Secret

"Review of Hide and Secret - Cool concept - The idea of Hide and Secret is really cool, it is another "findthe items from the words list" game, but it has this in between storyline that makes you eager to go to the next level, I finished it in the same day and I wished there were more levels , I wouldnt mind playing it again from time to time, you will love it."- Game Seeker

"Hide and Secret Review - I am a puzzle game lover - more the Zuma type of person. But I have found myself purchasing each and every 'Find It' game. They are increasing in detail and 'fun' each and every release.Hide and Seek in my opinion (don't kill me!) is better than the Ravenhurst series because the graphics are sharper and clearer. I enjoy the sound effects and even the story line that ties all the scenes together. If you enjoy the 'seek and find' games - add this one to your list. You won't be sorry."- The Puzzler

"Hide and Secret is a Great game! Why all the negativity folks? We all love MCF, myself included, but we can't keep expecting every similar game to be on par with it, it's NOT the same game and it wasn't meant to be. Judge it on it's own merits, it's not Ravenhearst, it's Hide & Secret and I think it's a ton of fun, and very well done. The more of these types of games that come out, the better, since it's a long wait between MCF releases. There are no mini puzzles in between levels, but the lack of those puzzles are more than made up for, by the increasing number of items you need to find as the game progresses. I love the interactivity in this game, when the Tomb Raider style characters come out to give you the thumbs up for finding a hidden object. The character voices and images are a great addition to this fantastic game. Great graphics and sound and a whole lot of fun as a stand-alone game. Just like Mysteryville, Hide and Secret has it's own charm. H U G E thumbs up, I loved Hide and Secret, and hope they bring out a sequel."- The Puzzler

"Hide and Secret looks great for children. I like the idea of a story line that will be especially attractive to children. Great for a family, children and most adults will like it. I felt a little like I was 4 years old when the charactors were speaking, but I'm sure parents will love this for their kids, and it's a pretty good game for adults, too. more." - Gaming Together

"Hide and Secret Simillar but Different to Mystery Case Files. This is a pretty neat fast game. High and Secret has good replay value to beat your best time. Simular to the MCF series, but different in that it's faster and the levels get harder. Could use more levels, though. But Hide and Secret has plenty of fun for the buck." - Mystery Guru

" Hide and Secret--Tons of Fun! What a fun game! The story and characters were really entertaining. This made it MORE fun than the MCF games. I would recommend this game to anybody who enjoys seek and hide games and just wants to have fun! " - Clue Hound in Claryville

"Hide and Secret is amazing! I thought it would be overly simple but it turned out to be quite challenging. The sense of acheivement when you manage to find all the hidden items is great and makes you want to 'try just one more' level. Excellent!" - Jillian


User Tips for Hide & Secret

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