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Hidden Expedition: Titanic a hidden objects seek and find adventure game

Hidden Expedition: Titanic - Free Download

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Hidden Expedition: Titanic

Hidden Expedition: Titanic Game - Free Download


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Buy Hidden Expedition Titanic PC Windows Game nowDownload the Free Trial Hidden Expedition Titanic PC Windows Game

Hidden Expedition: Titanic Game is a hidden objects seek and find game for your PC that is suitable for the whole family. Hidden Expedition: Titanic is great fun-- looking for the hidden objects in the rooms of the sunken Titanic. Hidden Expedition: Titanic is a classic game that should be on yoru faimly PC. As the first in a series, Hidden Expedition: Titanic is a classic.

Hidden Expedition: Titanic takes you to the most famous ship wreck in the world! On April 14, 1912, the great steamship RMS Titanic struck an iceberg and within hours, sank to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. This the setting of the Hidden Expedition: Titanic mission.

In Hidden Expedition: Titanic you get to explore the legendary Titanic wreck.

The Hidden Expedition: Titanic game play makes you part of the Hidden Expedition Adventure League.

In Hidden Expedition: Titanic, it's your job to explore the wreckage of the once-majestic Titanic and collect antique artifacts.

Hidden Expedition: Titanic will take you through 14 diving missions.

The Hidden Expedition: Titanic diving missions will let you search 17 locations on the Titanic for cleverly hidden clues that will lead you to the ultimate artifact: The Crown Jewels.

The Graphics in Hidden Expediton: Titanic are terrific and the puzzle are challenging.

Get ready to lose yourself in Hidden Expedition: Titanic, a historic adventure of epic proportions on the RMS Titanic!

Click to see screenshots from Hidden Expedition: Titanic Game

Hidden Expedition: Titanic game screenshot 1 Hidden Expedition: Titanic game screenshot 2 Hidden Expedition: Titanic game screenshot 3 Hidden Expedition: Titanic game screenshot 4

Reviews for Hidden Expedition: Titanic:

" Hidden Expedition: Titanic Review - Great Game - What a great seek and find game, I can't believe I just found Hidden Expedition: Titanic, I do really love the idea and the hidden objects are a big challenge in this historic titanic game. Hidden Expedition: Titanic is a must try for people with good concentration and persistance." - Jacques C.

" Hidden Expedition: Titanic Review - I have played Hidden Expedition: Titanic and i find that the graphics are excellent. My son n daughter both play Hidden Expedition: Titanic as well and they have a blast with it-- my son is 7 my daughter is 6-- it shows them things that need to be found and it has developed their thinking skills on looking for things in a picture. Hidden Expedition: Titanic is also educational and tells what happened on the Titanic,I am so happy that Hidden Expedition: Titanic came out n yes it is like the Mystery files 2. " - Mama Textor

"Hidden Expedition: Titanic Review - Hidden Expedition: Titanic is a game for the whole family. The insides of the Titanic are chock-a-block full of hidden objects to find. Even the little kids can play Hidden Expedition: Titanic. In fact the little kids are twice as good at spotting the objects. Hidden Expedition: Titanic - Lots of fun for everyone."- Mom in Ohio

"Hidden Expedition: Titanic Review - I liked Hidden Expedition: Titanic. Searching for the hidden clues kept me glued to the PC. I went through the hour trial before I knew it. The Hidden Expedition: Titanic graphics and sound are awesome - just like I imagined a dive expedition would be for hidden treasure on the Titanic." - SuzieQ.

Hidden Expedition: Titanic Review - "Hidden Expedition: Titanic is like the MCF series. I am addicted to search games. Found the Hidden Expedition: Titanic theme interesting and the rooms in the Titanic were great." - georgeofthejungle75

"Hidden Expedition: Titanic Review - Hidden Expedition: Titanic rocks, but it's a bit different to the Mystery Case Files series. This game is a bit shorter, and the challenge is more urgent as you search for hidden oxygen bottles. You get to know a lot about the Titanic. Hidden Expedition: Titanic has one dive per room, and if you should run out of time, or air, you will need to start that dive again. There are almost 20 diving missions in Hidden Expedition: Titanic--a different amount of dives per stage, and each ends with a different puzzle to solve. The puzzles are different-- a jigsaw, or matching a shape against an object in the room. Hidden Expedition: Titanic has great sound, graphics and gameplay." - Mercedes

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