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Dream Day Wedding a seek and find hidden objects wedding game

Dream Day Wedding - Free Download and Reviews
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Dream Day Wedding

Dream Day Wedding Game - Free Download

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Buy Dream Day Wedding PC Windows Game nowDownload the Free Trial Dream Day Wedding PC Windows Game

Dream Day Wedding Game is a seek and find hidden objects puzzle game that will be a favorite with little girls, teen-aged girls and women, single or otherwise. In other words, if you are a family with female members, you should give Dream Day Wedding a try.

Plan a Dream Day Wedding for your best friend Jenny in this beautiful, fun and romantic game!

Dream Day Wedding sets out the tasks for planning a perfect dream day wedding. Find items at the gown boutique, bakery and other stylish shops to help make Jenny's special day a dream!

In between the Dream Day Wedding search puzzles, play Perfect Match to unlock the secret honeymoon level.

Dream Day Wedding also lets you "Choose A Story" where you decide what happened at Jenny and Robert's first meeting, on their first date, and of course the proposal!

Dream Day Wedding is realistic, throwing in the predictable problems. Solve each dream day wedding crisis in quick time to keep everything on schedule.

In Dream Day Wedding you get to pick the flowers, cake and THE DRESS, for Jenny's dream day wedding!

Dream Day Wedding also lets you win Anniversary bonuses to make sure your dream day wedding girl lives happily ever after.

An especially nice feature of Dream Day Wedding is a "Carefree" mode that allows you to play without the timers. Go to Dream Day Wedding Main Menu and choose Options--then check Carefree.

Download Dream Day Wedding today for a dose of romantic reality and a dreamy gaming experience.

Click to see screenshots from Dream Day Wedding Game

Dream Day Wedding game screenshot 1 Dream Day Wedding game screenshot 2 Dream Day Wedding game screenshot 3 Dream Day Wedding game screenshot 4

Reviews for Dream Day Wedding:

Dream Day Wedding Review - "Another great search puzzle game I can play with my kids. Dream Day Wedding search scenes are disguised as snapshots in a wedding album and they are hard! I love the bridal music in the background and you can even hear the wedding guests moving around! While you are struggling to find that pesky hidden football keep an eye out for Bluebirds, these unlock the anniversary bonus. I play this one with my little girls, It is fun for all of us."- Family Webmistress

Dream Day Wedding Review -"Dream Day Wedding is good practice for planning your own wedding, too much to find and so little time. The search game is fun, and never the same if you do it twice. The neat part is the story line of Jenny's romance. You get to choose the way it unfolds. I'm hooked. Jenny is going to have the best darn dream day wedding, if I have anything to do with it!" - Gaming Girl

Dream Day Wedding Review -"Ohhh.. Dream Day Wedding is so dreamy and quite a challenge, too. I have been playing awhile and have 20 bluebirds. It's a great game to come home to and dream awhile of marrying my own prince charming and especially of having a great friend like me to do all the hard work to get ready for the dream day wedding :-) " - Suzie Q

Dream Day Wedding Review - "Dream Day Wedding is better than Barbie! Step into the real world of rushing to get everything together for the dream day extravaganza. But it's still romantic and fun to play." - dreamgirl97

Dream Day Wedding Review - "Hey man, Dream Day Wedding is a chick flick clicker, what's a guy to do? I'm only doing this review in the interest of science. The graphics are great. I got a bit of a challenge and the matching puzzle was good, but the mushy storyline!?? It is good research into the strange world of women and weddings and romance, but don't tell anybody I enjoyed it." - gamepowerranger

Dream Day Wedding Review - "Dream Day Wedding is Elegant and classy---If you are looking for something other than a fast paced & frequently violent action game, then look no further than Dream Day Wedding.This game follows the highly successful hidden object ('eye spy') game formula we first saw in the Mystery Case Files series, Hidden Expedition Titanic and Travelogue 360 Paris. These are games all the family can play, and I often have my daughter playing alongside me helping me find the items on my list." - Gaming Together


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