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Cute Knight a life simulation game

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Cute Knight Game

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Cute Knight
Cute Knight Game - Free Download


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Cute Knight

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Cute Knight Game is a life simulation game. In Cute Knight you make your choices and see the consequences. Cute Knight has many endings and many ways to get there. Cute Knight has great replay value and a lot of life lessons built in.

Find your true destiny - knight, princess, or beggar? It's all up to you!

Find your true destiny - knight, princess, or beggar? Learn skills in jobs and classes or brave the dungeon and become a hero. It's all up to you!

  • Find Your True Destiny!
  • Collect Magical Charm Cards
  • Face Wizards And Dragons
  • Highly Replayable With Over 50 Endings!
Game Description:
Cute Knight

Cute Knight is great for all ages, 'cause who doesn't need a bit more risk free life practice? Try Cute Knight on your family computer.

Find your true destiny in Cute Knight.

Knight, princess, or beggar? It's all up to you in Cute Knight.

The Cute Knight storyline goes like this...An orphan girl searches for her destiny...knight, princess or beggar?

The Cute Knight Game lets you make choices and guide the Orphan Girl to her true calling.

Cute Knight offers training in jobs and classes to raise skills. There is also guidance in Cute Knight on how to make friends and find romance.

The Cute Knight gameplay then lets you use your new skills to conquer the monsters in the dungeon!

Design and dress your unique Cute Knight character to reach one of more than fifty Cute Knight storybook endings!

Cute Knight is highly addictive with tons of replay value.

Discover your destiny, Cute Knight awaits!

System Requirements:
Cute Knight

OS: Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP
DirectX: 8.0 or later

Screenshots for
Cute Knight

Cute Knight game screenshot 1 Cute Knight game screenshot 2
Cute Knight game screenshot 3 Cute Knight game screenshot 4

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Cute Knight Game

User Comments for Cute Knight for PC

User Reviews for Cute Knight

Reviews for Cute Knight: "Cute Knight is amazing, it has a ton of replay value if you want to unlock all fifty endings. But I wanted more...my only complaints with Cute Knight was that it was too short, the time just flew by! Cute Knight was incredibly fun and I loved the amazing Dungeon! "- Gaming Girl

Reviews for Cute Knight: - "Cute Knight is a lot like Princess Maker, a cult game, not generally released. And, of course, the Cute Knight graphics are very much in the Japanese Manga style. The Japanese produce some awesome games and cartoons, Cute Knight is a great example of one that has been translated for us.Cute Knight is simple to play but very addictive because you can see how it relates to your own life. Try it!" - Manga and Anime Fan

Reviews for Cute Knight: - "Cute Knight can be either real short or real long. I have gotten about 12 of the final endings. You can play all of Cute Knight without going into the dungeon at all or you can spend most of the time in the dungeon. There are ways to get extremely rich during the Cute Knight gameplay. Going to college & going in the dungeon will improve your endings. Cute Knight has a set of choices based on magic that opens up a whole new set of skills for the dungeon battles. What you find in the dungeon when you first go in will depend on what other progress you made in the game. Hint: You can save the game once you get a good start, then explore some of the different paths, and go back to your saved point. Cute Knight has a lot of replay value." - Gaming in Gainesville

Reviews for Cute Knight: - "I have to disagree, Cute Knight is NOTHING like Princess Maker." - Princess Maker Rules

Reviews for Cute Knight: - "Cute Knight can be exciting at first until you realize that you messed up the poor orphan's life and she is going to become a maid or a farm hand. It's depressing when you realize that her dreams and hopes are limited because she works at a dead end job that you chose! However, Cute Knight is only a game, and you can always replay, and make some better choices. Cute Knight can make you think about what you are doing with your own life. And, of course, that is the attraction. You can play Cute Knight and make all sorts of mistakes and enjoy all your triumphs. It's truely addictive, you want to see how it all turns out." - Simulation is Stimulation

Reviews for Cute Knight: - "Cute Knight has an excellent variety of more than 50 different endings - many of them of which are significantly different, and some of the best ones really require several replays before you learn how to achieve all the events required for the ending. Cute Knight is definitely a game that you can revisit again and again, with excellent replay value. I love the fusion of the building-stats-and-earning-gold dating sim-style and the dungeon-RPG part of it. This really gives something to either kind of gamer, and I suppose it is perfect for someone like me, who loves both such types of games. The dungeon-RPG aspect of Cute Knight also prevents it from getting overly repetitive sometime, and it can be rather interesting to try out different builds of your character - a mage or a fighter? You choose." - A Simulated RPG Princess

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