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Butterfly Escape a ball shooter game

Butterfly Escape - Free Download and Reviews
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Butterfly Escape Game

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Butterfly Escape
Butterfly Escape Game - Free Download


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Butterfly Escape

Buy Butterfly Escape PC Windows Game nowDownload the Free Trial Butterfly Escape PC Windows Game

Butterfly Escape Game is a great ball shooter game that is fun for all the family. It is breathtakingly beaurtiful and challenging. Luxor and Zuma players will like this one. The internet function adds to the replay value and overall the value for money is great. There is enough action to please even the most hyperactive kid. Download Butterfly Escape and give it a try.

Return sunrise to the Kingdom of Light in this addictive 3D action-puzzler!

Adventure and excitement await those who help Buka free the butterflies from the Dungeon of Darkness and return sunrise to the Kingdom of Light!

  • 15 Beautiful Butterflies To Free!
  • Cool Animated Characters And Power-Ups!
  • More Than 100 Scenic Levels!
  • 3 Addictive Gameplay Modes!
Game Description:
Butterfly Escape

Butterfly Escape is an addictive and exhilarating 3D action-puzzle game!

Butterfly Escape lets you charge through 109 scenic levels as you guide Buka the Dragonfly to help him shoot and destroy approaching balls of light before they reach the Dungeon of Darkness.

There are 15 butterflys to collect as you play through the Butterfly Escape levels.

Butterfly Escape has 3 exciting game modes:

-Legendary Butterfly Escape

-Classic Butterfly Escape and

-Tournament Mode

along with some cool animated characters and power-ups!

Adventure and excitement await those who play Butterfly Escape and help Buka free the butterflies and return sunrise to the Kingdom of Light!

The weapons are cool and little Burka is cute with his animated dances and actions. Butterfly Escape is a real treat for the eye and ear with music that doesn't drive you crazy.

Download Butterfly Escape today and give it a try. It's great game value.

System Requirements:
Butterfly Escape

OS: Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Me
Memory: 128 MB
DirectX: 8.1 or later
CPU: P800
Video: 3D Video Card

Screenshots for
Butterfly Escape

Butterfly Escape game screenshot 1 Butterfly Escape game screenshot 2
Butterfly Escape game screenshot 3 Butterfly Escape game screenshot 4

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Butterfly Escape Game

User Comments for Butterfly Escape for PC

User Reviews for Butterfly Escape

"I can't believe the graphics in Butterfly Escape! The backgrounds are absolutely beautiful and they are in 3-D! While it is based on the Zuma and Luxor games, Butterfly Escape is different in that you get carried away by the vibrant colors and the cursor arrow changes to the color of the ball you are ready to throw, making it easier to watch where the ball will be going. The cute little guy that throws the balls has a personality and I could watch him do his little dance between games for a long time. The Butterfly Escape sound effects are well done and the music is not annoying at all. I own Zuma and turn off the music because I get tired of listening to it. But with Butterfly Escape, I leave the sound on. The creators of this game have done an exceptional job and deserve many, many kudos for this one!"- Zoom Zoom Zoomer

"Its true, Butterfly Escape has the same basic gaming function as others like Luxor and Atlantis, but that's where the similarity ends. I have played several of those other games but this for me is the best to date, Why?. Well for one thing the 3D graphics and scenery in Butterfly Escape are absolutely enchanting, with oodles of detail and charm which really take you into Buka's world. Who's Buka,well he's the adorable character who bravely and single handed does all the shooting--with a little help from us--and what a personality! Buka is just plain cute--whether he's shaking his maracas in celebration of a win in the classic mode, or banging his drum in Legendary mode, in his army colouring, he's a real top gun!. The music in Butterfly Escape is captivating and relaxing,with occassional little military themes and sounds. It doesnt distract from play but compliments the action and stunning visual effects." - Gaming Girl

"What's extra special about Butterfly Escape is that the power ups can be caught and used immediately or saved and selected from the bar at the base of the battle scene. Such weapons as total nuclear annihilation, cannon, gattling gun, pistols, are a great addition to the usual multicolour ball, the fire balls and lightning powerup. As you work through ever increasingly difficult levels, you must beat a whirlpool/spiralling type level to free a butterfly and move to the next level, adding the liberated butterfly to your Butterfly Book- you must also catch bonus stars for extra lives- nice touch. The added bonus of a tournament mode is great as you can pit your skills against high scores via the internet connection, this gives yet more playability and game value. Go on now and try Butterfly Escape, you know you want to- I'm hooked anyway." - Flutterby Baby

"Butterfly Escape promised every bit as much fun as Luxor, and went one step further with graphics, in that instead of solid coloured balls that look like Christmas decorations and don't distract the eye, Butterfly Escale decided that the balls should ressemble bubbles, and their opacity really is clever and cunning. Place these on a backdrop that is really pretty, with flowers and plants, and the overall look of the game impressed me enough to part with my money." - Grinning Gamer

"Review of Butterfly Escape--I have fun with this game. I prefer it over Luxor or Zuma. I liked the graphics and sounds. It is good for all ages, and I find it is addictive more so then other games similar out there. I think it was worth the money." - Game Boy

"I Think Butterfly Escape is a nice game to play at any time--very relaxing. I bought it for a Christmas present for my boy and me." - Gaming Mom

User Tips for Butterfly Escape

Currently there are no User Tips for Butterfly Escape.


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