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Burger Island a tropical restaurant game

Burger Island - Free Download and Reviews
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Burger Island Game

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Burger Island
Burger Island Game - Free Download


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Burger Island

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Burger Island

Buy Burger Island PC Windows Game nowDownload the Free Trial Burger Island PC Windows Game

Burger Island Game is a combination of Diner Dash and Burger Rush. Mainly you are the Cook who is trying to put together the recipes. You have to act fast and put everything together in the right sequence. Just like Thanksgiving Dinner! You must cook the Fries and Burgers and make the milkshakes. All at top speed. Welcome to Fast Food. If you like the restaurant games, you'll like Burger Island.

Turn a run-down burger stand into the hippest joint ever in Burger Island!

Juggle burger, fry and shake orders, while keeping an ever-watchful eye on the clock, as you turn a run-down burger stand into the hippest joint ever!

  • 5 Exotic Burger Stand Locations!
  • Over 30 Uniquely Delicious Recipes!
  • 60 Fast-Paced Levels!
  • More Than 40 Different Ingredients!
Game Description:
Burger Island

In Burger Island you help our heroine Patty turn around a run-down burger stand located on deserted Mount Tikikola Beach in Burger Island.

Burger Island is the latest hit from Sandlot Games!

Burger Island gameplay gets you to juggle orders from demanding customers, purchase over 30 exotic mouth-watering recipes, unlock more than 40 delicious ingredients, combining up to 9 per order, all while keeping an ever-watchful eye on the clock!

Burger Island has 60 increasingly challenging levels.

Burger Island will let you see if you have what it takes to help Patty build the hippest burger joint ever!

System Requirements:
Burger Island

OS: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Me, Windows Vista
Memory: 128 MB
DirectX: 7.0 or later
CPU: P3 800

Screenshots for
Burger Island

Burger Island game screenshot 1 Burger Island game screenshot 2
Burger Island game screenshot 3 Burger Island game screenshot 4

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Burger Island Game

User Comments for Burger Island for PC

User Reviews for Burger Island

"Review Burger Island - Burger Island is not Diner Dash.You do not need to serve the customers, you are the cook and you have to cook using the ingredients as laid out in the panels, Still, even at the normal level this game can be tough, especially during the burger cooking session. You click and click and click and once you got the sequence wrong, you lose one customer and you get your French boss scolding you which is quite fun. I assume he is French of course. Basically you go through 3 cycles before you can purchase new menus; making burgers, making fries and making milkshakes. Fries is the easiest, burgers the most difficult whilst fries can be quite hectic. This gme should appeal to those who like games about food and harbours a dream of working for McDonald's. I am still waiting for a similar game but with sushi or better yet, chinese food. Imagine trying to cook in sequence claypot chicken rice or fried noodles or eggs. It can be tantalizing, fun and yet quite difficult since the ingrediants can be so many. Let's not even venture to Indian food! Imagine the spices and cook curry within 30 seconds! Overall, the gameplay is interesting, graphics of high quality to the point that I felt a need to rush out and buy myself a burger because you can get hungry playing this game, and it can be played again and again. Seriously, if you like playing cook and love burgers, fries and milkshakes, Burger IslandIS the game for you. Excellent stuff!"- Beginning Chef

"Review Burger Island - Birdies, Chocolatier and now Burger Island ... is there no end to the number of great games Pixelparadox has recently added to its collection? Burger Island has similar concepts to games like Diner Dash and Burger Rush. Like Burger Rush, you need to hurry to make the customer orders, which can range from milkshakes to fries to burgers of many varieties. And like Diner Dash, you're working against the clock to serve your customers before they walk off in a huff. Being a Diner Dash and Burger Rush fan, I'm thrilled that Burger Island combines the elements and concepts of two of my favourite games. The graphics are suitably arresting, the music is fun and I love that French waiter who helps you around the joint. Not sure if what he's mumbling really IS French, but it's entertaining nonetheless just hearing him speak.
- Hash Slinger from Hartford

"Review Burger Island - Love me some Burger Island! This game is fun fun fun! I love these types of games that let you upgrade and are challenging. This game is somewhat like DinerDash, but you don't have to wait on tables. The graphics are very colorful and the sounds and music are good. If you like DinerDash and other games like this than you will enjoy this one. Just try it you won't be sorry." - Cho Reed

"Review Burger Island - I have to admit I love these kind of games and Burger Island is superb! Excellent gameplay, graphics and nice twist with the French boss. As the game progresses it gets harder but at the moment I am a dab hand at milkshakes and fries but the burgers are proving difficult! lol Fabulous game." - John "hold the mayo" Cook

"Review Burger Island - I like this game. Burger Island is another variation of Stand O' Food, but not limited to burgers. Aside from burgers, it covers fries & milk shakes. The graphics and sounds are great, no doubt about that. From the creators of Cake Mania, this is a better game." - Suzie Homemaker

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