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BC Kings a real time strategy game

BC Kings - Free Download and Reviews
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BC Kings Game

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BC Kings
BC Kings Game - Free Download


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BC Kings

Buy BC Kings PC Windows Game nowDownload the Free Trial BC Kings PC Windows Game

BC Kings Game is a real time strategy game. But BC Kings is different, it is set in the stone age, and BC Kings has a lot of humour built in. BC Kings is huge in scope and action compared with it's relatively small 89MG download. At first glance BC Kings is meant for teenage boys, but I think BC Kings might be like WW2 Pacific Heroes, all ages will like it, girls too! BC Kings will be a big hit on your home computer.

Prove yourself against the mutant hordes!

BC Kings is a real-time strategy game set in prehistoric times, where Humans and Mutants fight epic battles for the final victory!

  • Exciting Adventure Elements And Puzzles!
  • Realistic 3D Environment!
  • 8 Devastating Magic Spells!
  • More Than 80 Technologies To Research!
Game Description:
BC Kings

Do you think you would have been a great war leader 10,000 years ago, BC Kings can help you find out?

In fact, you can prove it with BC Kings the real time strategy game!

In BC Kings you harvest, research and build your empire.

BC Kings lets you mprove your heroes and command your army against the mutant hordes.

BC Kings is packed with humor and thousands of variations.

How does BC King do so much with such a small download file?

Be part of an huge epic adventure, solve puzzles, and figure out some of the biggest mysteries of all time in BC Kings.

BC Kings, the prehistoric real-time strategy game with a contemporary punch!

BC Kings features:

  • Exciting BC Kings Adventure Elements And Puzzles!
  • Realistic 3D BC Kings Environment!
  • 8 Devastating BC King Magic Spells!
  • More Than 80 BC Kings Technologies To Research!
System Requirements:
BC Kings

OS: Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Me, Windows Vista
Memory: 512 MB
DirectX: 8.1 or later
CPU: P 1.0GHz

Screenshots for
BC Kings

BC Kings game screenshot 1 BC Kings game screenshot 2
BC Kings game screenshot 3 BC Kings game screenshot 4

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BC Kings Game

User Comments for BC Kings for PC

User Reviews for BC Kings

BC Kings Review - "
I'm playing RTS games since the Dune 2, and I'm always excited about new ideas. I've just found one, and it's BC Kings!
The idea: The prehistoric theme is quite original and unique in the RTS genre, and very risky too. Somebody likes it somebody doesn't.
Storyline: Having played it for 3 days, BC KIngs is very interesting I have to say. No big deal first, but after a few hours it gets much more complicated. Loads of funny parts. I was laughing for ten minutes when I had to build the "Troyan dinosaur" to get inside the enemy's camp. Packed with humor, sometimes BC Kings is a bit "idiotic", and morbid, like when one of the main character died, and woke up in the Hell. And guess what, there is a complette mission, where you have to fight through Hell alongside with other zombies. These are the little things in BC Kings that I miss in the "serious" full-price games.
Gameplay: Similar to other strategy games, which is not bad, I got used to it very quickly. Also there are many improvements in BC Kings I haven't seen before, like the multi-level maps, and the bunch of funny side quests, that you don't have to complete, but you can upgrade your heroes when you make them.
Audio: The sounds are good enough. Hours of music without repeat, and funny unit sounds, they realy sound like cavemen :) If you liked the Orc's voices in Warcraft, you'll love the sounds in BC Kings for sure.
Video: BC Kings is better than required. Real-time shadows, water reflections and everything are there. If you spend enogh time, you'll recognize all the small details that the developers of BC Kings spent time with; falling tree leafs, flying birds and butterflies, and even the mammuths and dinosaurs leave their "little package" on the ground.
Overall: The BC Kings is a very entertaining game, and well worth the money. Not only a three or four hour of match-3 or seek and find fun. I'm very satisfied with BC Kings, and would like to see more games at this quality here."
- Crossfire

BC Kings Review - "Well I havent downloaded many games lately nothings really took my fancy lately. But i had some time to kill tonight and decided to get BC Kings! So glad I did!

Am playing BC KIngs on the medium game settings and it looks amazing, would love to be able to play on the max! Everything in BC Kings looks great from the ground to the trees to the heroes!

The sound is great in BC Kings, no cheesy repetavive music in the background. BC Kings is well worth a shot!" - Cold Canyon

BC Kings Review - "BC Kings is the best game ever! You'll love it when you play it. There's lots of action in BC Kings. The only flaw is the first level in BC Kings gives you weak units, and doesn't give you many buildings to build. You can only get the buildings if you finish the first part of the campaign. But the rest of BC Kings you will love!!" - Ten Tons

BC Kings Review - "I love the game play in BC KIngs - its almost identical to Warcraft and the Dark Legions. The graphics and sound in BC Kings are great . There's great gameplay replayability. I love games like BC Kings - wish was more like this one. Great game - happy gamer here keep them coming" - Jumpzone Jim

BC Kings Review - "OK how did they fit BC Kings into an 80 megabyte download - the scope of this game is epic huge!? Man o man, BC Kings has been entertaining me for hours. I don't see any point of going into details, just download BC Kings and play. It will blow you away - Wow!" - 32 Skidoo

User Tips for BC Kings

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