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Alien Shooter an alien shooter game

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Alien Shooter Game

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Alien Shooter
Alien Shooter Game - Free Download



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Alien Shooter

Buy Alien Shooter PC Windows Game nowDownload the Free Trial Alien Shooter PC Windows Game

Alien Shooter Game is just what you would expect - a game where you shoot aliens - an alien shooter!. Alien Shooter is not for the faint hearted. Alien Shooter has thoughtfully given you "blood" options to increase or decrease the visual impact of the splatter when the monsters go "splat". Alien Shooter suits a certain gaming audience and YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. Alien Shooter is not a family computer option in most families as we know them.

Save humanity from space aliens!

The alien invasion has begun. Your mission: Stop blood-thirsty creatures with the most advanced guns, explosives, and weaponry money can buy.

  • Clear The Base At Any Cost
  • Terrifying Monsters To Destroy
  • Buy New Weapons Every Step Of The Way
  • The Alien Invasion Has Begun!
Game Description:
Alien Shooter

The alien invasion has begun and you are the only Alien Shooter left. I just hope your training was good enough, because an Alien Shooter doesn't get a lot of second chances.

In Alien Shooter you find yourself racing through offices, storehouses and mysterious labs, shooting aliens.

Your Alien Shooter mission is to clear the base at any cost, and that means you might be wasted, too.

Alien Shooter has two play modes: Alien Shooter Campaign and Alien Shooter Survival. There are two Alien Shooter characters.

Alien Shooter has ten gigantic levels.

Alien Shooter has 9 unique and extremely destructive weapons at your disposal.

Alien Shooter makes you the last hope of humanity.

Download Alien Shooter and take the challenge.

System Requirements:
Alien Shooter

OS: Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Me, Windows NT
Memory: 64MB Display: 3D Video Card
CPU: 600Mhz

Screenshots for
Alien Shooter

Alien Shooter game screenshot 1 Alien Shooter game screenshot 2
Alien Shooter game screenshot 3 Alien Shooter game screenshot 4

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Alien Shooter Game

User Comments for Alien Shooter for PC

User Reviews for Alien Shooter

"Alien Shooter is the best! It is full of action and it just keeps coming at you, you can hardly stop playing until you complete the game. The harder it gets the more you will try. The graphics of Alien Shooter are really excellent, the view is isometric with some semi-3d effects to it, leading to really nice environments. The monsters are as realistic as you can call aliens realistic and there is quite a variation in nice alien graphics. The sound is perfect, really cool music that suits the environment and the situation."- Alien Gonzo

"Alien Shooter is fast-paced, or slow-paced, depending on your fear level. Sometimes the game is killing you because of the amount of aliens and the amount of bullets that you shoot in a few second, killing loads of aliens and forcing you to run away searching for ammo. There are some nice surprises like breakable walls where you can get every kind of goods for free (including weapons!). You don't need a keyboard to play this game, but it is recommended because running away while shooting is a lot better than running at them and shooting (when the aliens surround you, you are already doomed in a gory death). Alien Shooter is a MUST HAVE for people who can stand a 'little' bit of gore, blood, bodies and a horror scene." -I Ain't Afraid of No Aliens

"In Alien Shooter the first thing you get to do is choose between red and green blood. You can also set a password for "no red blood". You are the only human left alive left to get the aliens. This concept is brought home in the first few rooms on start up where freshly killed humans are sprawled on the floor. This gives you a good incentive to go get those aliens. This is also a reason that Alien Shooter should not be given to preteens. Use your own discretion for teens. All the targets are aliens - an imminent threat and the killing is done in the name of heroism. So, I say PG rated, but you should judge.." - Parental Review

"The view of Alien Shooter is overhead and you can see the floorplan set up as a large building without a ceiling. Alien Shooter has neat "physics", office chairs roll when you run into them and boxes on the floor slide when you push them. Perhaps these can be used at some point to create a barrier, since the aliens are small though plentiful. If you find a room where the door is partially closed, you can duck shoot the aliens through the opening to reduce their numbers. Don't stand too close to the compressed tanks when you shoot them or you will blow yourself up. Go Ahead--Have Some Grownup Fun." - Gaming Grownup

"I finished Alien Shooter several times and then I play it again.There are many different weapons--easy to change.There are some hidden places, a lot of alien creatures, many tasks, and also now you can get some extras that you can play until "Alien Shooter 2". The extras that you MUST HAVE if you like this game are"Alien Shooter-The Experiment" and "Alien Shooter-Fight 4 Life". I recomend this game to everyone who likes shooting games." - Blast 'Em Bobby

User Tips for Alien Shooter

Currently there are no User Tips for Alien Shooter.


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